Shibarium Set to Burn Billions of SHIB, Could Drive Price to $0.01

• Lead developer Shytoshi Kusama confirms billions of SHIB will be burned with the release of Shibarium, a Layer-2 scalability platform.
• Whale Alert recently detected a single transfer of 3,312,307,240,798 Shiba Inu meme coins.
• Currently, Shiba Inu (SHIB) is exchanging hands at $0.00001153 and is 0.43 percent down.

The crypto-world is abuzz with the upcoming launch of Shibarium, a layer-2 scalability network for Shiba Inu (SHIB). The dog-themed crypto has been on a roller coaster ride for the past few weeks, with a massive number of SHIB coins having been moved between anonymous crypto addresses. This has caused a lot of talk and speculation in the crypto community, with many wondering if this could lead to a surge in the SHIB price.

Fortunately, the Shiba Inu community has been assured of an uptick in the burn rate of the memecoin. Lead developer Shytoshi Kusama recently confirmed on discord that billions of SHIB coins will be reportedly burnt with the release of the Layer 2 platform Shibarium. This comes after the crypto tracking platform Whale Alert detected a single transfer of 3,312,307,240,798 Shiba Inu meme coins.

The news of the upcoming burn rate has caused some optimism among Shiba Inu holders, with the SHIB price rallying by 4 percent on Thursday. However, the SHIB price has failed to continue the momentum and is still trading down from last week’s high of $0.00001273.

In order to drive the SHIB price to the next level, it is expected that the upcoming burn rate of billions of SHIB coins will play a critical role. By reducing the circulating supply of the memecoin, holders are hoping that the SHIB price could potentially rise to as high as $0.01.

At present, the Shiba Inu community is eagerly awaiting for the beta launch of Shibarium. With the crypto market in a state of flux, the launch of the Layer-2 scalability network could be a game-changer for Shiba Inu holders. Only time will tell if the burn rate of billions of SHIB coins can really drive the price to $0.01.

ShimmerEVM Set to Launch: Testnet Ready for dApp Deployment

• ShimmerEVM is the new EVM-compatible chain on the IOTA Shimmer Network.
• The team at ShimmerEVM is currently testing UX improvements and multi-node support before launching the public testnet.
• After the launch of the public testnet, users can deploy decentralized applications (dApps) and participate fully.

The IOTA Shimmer Network is making a big splash as its lead contributor Dominik Schiener recently shared updates on the development of its new EVM-compatible chain, ShimmerEVM. The team is taking their time to ensure that the network is safe and secure, and all appropriate measures are taken before the public testnet launch.

Since the launch of the Shimmer Network in September 2022, the team has been working diligently on the development of ShimmerEVM. The EVM-compatible chain will be a key feature of the Shimmer Network, and it has the potential to hold hundreds of millions of assets, so the team wants to make sure that it is production ready before launching. As of now, they have been testing UX improvements, such as convenience functions that allow users to pay gas directly for L1-L2 transfers.

In the next step, the team will launch an internal ShimmerEVM network with multi-node support. This will help them test the network and make sure that it runs smoothly before they launch the public testnet. After the public testnet is launched, users can deploy dApps and participate fully. Schiener stated that a few weeks after testing, the team will launch the mainnet.

As of now, the Shimmer Network is one of the most active developer ecosystems in the top 10 cryptocurrencies. With the launch of ShimmerEVM, the team is looking to make the Shimmer Network even more powerful and secure, and the community is eagerly awaiting the launch of the mainnet.

FTX Reboots Under New CEO, Challenges Ahead to Make Customers Whole

• FTX, a cryptocurrency exchange, recently filed for bankruptcy and is looking to be rebooted by its new CEO John J. Ray III.
• The exchange has recovered assets worth approximately $5 billion, including over $700 million in Solana (SOL), however, FTX wallets are still missing.
• Notable allegations are coming at the expense of FTX customers and creditors, with an expected hole of over $415 million caused by FTX hackers.

FTX, a cryptocurrency exchange that recently filed for bankruptcy, is looking to make a comeback under the new CEO, John J. Ray III. After forming a task force to investigate the matter, Ray has concluded that the company could gain more value by rebooting than liquidating all the assets. Thus far, the exchange has recovered assets worth approximately $5 billion including over $700 million in Solana (SOL).

However, Ray is unsure if all the wallets are accounted for and if they will ever be recovered. This has left the customers and creditors in a precarious situation, with no guarantee of receiving the funds they are owed. The collapse of FTX has also caused the collapse of other crypto firms including BlockFi, Gemini’s Earn Program, and DCG’s Genesis Trading which just filed for bankruptcy under chapter 11.

The situation has been further complicated by allegations of misleading information provided by Sullivan & Cromwell (S&C). According to SBF, FTX US had at least $111m, and likely around $400m, of excess cash on top of what was required to match customer balances. Additionally, FTX was reportedly solvent even before filing for bankruptcy.

The nastiest development of all is the expected hole of over $415 million caused by FTX hackers hours before filing for bankruptcy. This has put the entire rebooting process in doubt and has left customers with little hope of getting their funds back.

It remains to be seen what the new CEO John J. Ray III will do to revive FTX and make customers whole. However, it is likely to be an uphill battle, as the reputation of the exchange has already been severely damaged on the international stage.

In the meantime, customers and creditors will be waiting with baited breath to see how the situation plays out. Follow us for the latest crypto news!

Earn Rewards Playing Fun Mobile Games with MEMAG’s Innovative Ecosystem

• Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) is a new mobile gaming guild launching a presale for their native token $MEMAG at a cost of $0.007.
• This ecosystem focuses on sustainability, optimizing players’ engagement and enabling them to earn reward tokens for participation and victory in the games.
• Players can convert their earned Gems into $MEMAG tokens, which they can cash out into the best altcoins such as Ethereum or reinvest them into the ecosystem.

Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) is a groundbreaking mobile gaming guild that has recently launched a presale for their native token $MEMAG. The presale is offering tokens at a cost of $0.007, giving investors the opportunity to own an asset that will increase in value as it enters the different stages of the presale. Of the 1 billion tokens available, 35% has been allocated to the presale with only 10% of the capped supply being allocated to exchange liquidity.

The primary focus of this gaming ecosystem is sustainability, optimizing players’ engagement and providing them with an opportunity to earn reward tokens for their participation and victory in the games. MEMAG has changed the dynamic of play-to-earn games, which tend to peak quickly due to hype and then lose interest because of a lack of entertainment. The goal of MEMAG is to host entertaining games that keep gamers engaged in the platform for extended periods of time.

In-game rewards known as Gems can be earned by players when playing the MMG titles hosted on the platform. These Gems can then be converted into $MEMAG tokens, which can be cashed out into the best altcoins such as Ethereum or reinvested into the ecosystem. Players are the sole owners of all the in-game assets received as rewards. Reinvesting options include using the tokens to purchase in-game items, virtual assets, or to make bets on esports tournaments.

The MEMAG team is comprised of experienced developers, game designers, and blockchain experts who are dedicated to creating a high-quality gaming ecosystem that rewards players for their participation and victory in the games. With its innovative approach to sustainability, MEMAG is revolutionizing the P2E space, giving players more opportunities to enjoy fun games while earning rewards.

Bitcoin Soars Past 17K, Stocks & Bonds Follow Suit After Fed Decision

• Bitcoin’s price soared past $17,000 for the first time this year, fueled by the US Fed’s decision to slow down their rate hikes.
• Solana and Cardano’s prices rose more than 30% late last night, with Non-Farm Payrolls reports from the BLS indicating better-than-expected results.
• The ISM services index fell below 50 for the second month in a row, indicating economic contraction.

The US Federal Reserve’s decision to slow down their rate hikes has resulted in a surge in Bitcoin’s price. For the first time this year, BTC has soared past the $17,000 mark. This surge in prices is not limited to Bitcoin, however, as stocks and bonds have followed suit.

The Non-Farm Payrolls report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) had initially been seen as the primary determinant for the US Fed’s inflation rate hikes. However, the price surge in BTC, stocks, and bonds happened 90 minutes after a sharp drop in the ISM non-manufacturing index. The index dropped from 56.5 to 49.6, indicating economic contraction for the first time since May 2020.

The results from the December Non-Farm Payrolls report were better-than-expected. For instance, the unemployment rate was 3.5 percent compared to analyst’s prediction of 3.7 percent, while there were an additional 223,000 jobs, which was 23,000 higher than expected. This is a significant reduction when compared to the 300,000 jobs often seen before June 2022.

The ISM services index was below 50 for the second month in a row, at 48.4. This, along with the results of the Non-Farm Payrolls, has led to a surge in the prices of Solana and Cardano, with both soaring more than 30 percent late last night.

The surge in Bitcoin and other securities prices indicates that investors are confident in the US economy and that the Fed’s decision to slow down their rate hikes has been welcomed by the markets. The future looks bright for the crypto market, and it seems that Bitcoin’s price is only going to continue to rise in the coming months.

Porównanie Ethereum z innymi kryptowalutami

Ethereum jest jedną z najbardziej popularnych kryptowalut na świecie. Jego cena gwałtownie wzrosła od czasu uruchomienia w 2015 roku, aw 2017 roku wykonała kilka szczytów. Ethereum jest typem kryptowaluty, który opiera się na blockchainie i oferuje szeroką gamę aplikacji. Ethereum jest zdecentralizowanym systemem operacyjnym, który umożliwia tworzenie aplikacji i usług.

Porównanie Ethereum z Bitcoinem

Ethereum jest kryptowalutą, która w ogromnym stopniu różni się od bitcoina. Bitcoin jest bardziej podobny do złota, a jego głównym celem jest zapewnienie bezpiecznej metody do przechowywania wartości. Ethereum natomiast jest bardziej podobne do systemu operacyjnego i jego głównym celem jest umożliwienie tworzenia aplikacji i usług. Ethereum umożliwia tworzenie zdecentralizowanych aplikacji za pomocą jego języka programowania, Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

Metody inwestycji w Ethereum

Istnieje wiele sposobów inwestowania w Ethereum. Możesz kupić Ethereum za pomocą karty kredytowej, portfela kryptograficznego lub za pośrednictwem platform takich jak Bitcoin Code. Możesz również inwestować w Ethereum poprzez kontrakty terminowe, kontrakty na różnicę (CFD) lub zakup kontraktów futures.

Porównanie Ethereum z innymi altcoinami

Ethereum jest jedną z najbardziej popularnych kryptowalut, ale jest też wiele innych kryptowalut, które mają swoje własne cechy i korzyści. Inne popularne altcoiny, takie jak Litecoin, Ripple i Monero, mają również wiele wspólnych cech z Ethereum, ale oferują również swoje własne zalety. Litecoin jest szybszy i ma lepszą wydajność podczas przetwarzania transakcji, a Ripple jest skupiony na zapewnieniu szybkich transferów międzybankowych. Monero jest zorientowane na prywatność i jest szeroko stosowane w transakcjach o dużej wartości.

Przyczyny popularności Ethereum

Ethereum jest jedną z najbardziej popularnych kryptowalut, ponieważ ma wiele zalet, których nie oferują inne kryptowaluty. Ethereum ma szybki czas potwierdzania transakcji, co oznacza, że ​​transakcje są potwierdzane w ciągu kilku sekund. Ethereum oferuje również zdecentralizowaną aplikację, która może być tworzona i używana przez użytkowników z całego świata.

Innowacje wprowadzone przez Ethereum

Ethereum wprowadziło wiele innowacji, które umożliwiły tworzenie zdecentralizowanych aplikacji i usług. Najważniejszą innowacją jest Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), która umożliwia tworzenie aplikacji w języku programowania Ethereum. EVM umożliwia tworzenie aplikacji, które są bezpieczne, niezawodne i skalowalne.

Przyszłość Ethereum

Ethereum ma wiele potencjału, aby stać się jedną z najważniejszych kryptowalut w przyszłości. Ethereum ma wiele innowacji i nowych technologii, które są obecnie w fazie testowania i udoskonalania. Planowane jest wdrożenie nowych technologii, takich jak system finansowania długoterminowego (CDF), który pozwoli użytkownikom inwestować w Ethereum na dłuższy okres czasu.

Zalety i wady Ethereum

Ethereum ma wiele zalet, ale ma również wady. Zalety Ethereum to szybkie potwierdzanie transakcji, zdecentralizowana aplikacja i możliwość tworzenia aplikacji za pomocą języka programowania Ethereum. Wady to częste awarie, wysokie opłaty transakcyjne i brak wystarczającego bezpieczeństwa.


Przewidywane trendy Ethereum

Eksperci przewidują, że Ethereum będzie nadal rosnąć w ciągu najbliższych lat. Wiele nowych technologii jest obecnie w fazie testowania, a instytucje finansowe coraz częściej dopuszczają Ethereum do swoich portfeli. Zgodnie z przewidywaniami, Ethereum ma stać się jedną z najważniejszych kryptowalut w przyszłości.


Ethereum jest jedną z najbardziej popularnych kryptowalut na świecie i ma wiele zalet, których nie oferują inne kryptowaluty. Ethereum ma szybkie potwierdzanie transakcji, zdecentralizowaną aplikację i język programowania Ethereum, który umożliwia tworzenie aplikacji. Istnieje wiele sposobów inwestowania w Ethereum, w tym za pośrednictwem platform takich jak Bitcoin Code. Przewiduje się, że Ethereum będzie nadal rosnąć w ciągu najbliższych lat i stanie się jedną z najważniejszych kryptowalut w przyszłości.

Chainlink Enables $6.9 Trillion in Transactions, Unlocks New Markets for NFTs & DeFi

• Chainlink’s oracle service provider enabled $6.9 trillion in transaction value in 2022.
• The company launched the NFT Floor Price Feeds and the CF #Bitcoin Interest Rate Curve to empower NFT and DeFi builders.
• Chainlink’s Proof of Reserve services were popular among leading stablecoins, blockchain bridges, and wrapped tokens.

Chainlink has made some major strides in the blockchain space in the past year. In 2022, the oracle service provider enabled $6.9 trillion in transaction value alone, which is a testament to its growing popularity among developers and blockchain projects. Furthermore, to help accelerate growth in early-stage Web3 blockchains and dApps, Chainlink introduced the BUILD and SCALE initiatives.

The company also launched the NFT Floor Price Feeds and the CF #Bitcoin Interest Rate Curve which helped to empower NFT and DeFi builders to unlock new markets. Additionally, Chainlink also introduced the LINK staking features while helping the Web3 economy in order to scale securely.

Moreover, Chainlink’s Proof of Reserve services were also popular among leading stablecoins, blockchain bridges, and wrapped tokens. This was especially important after the collapse of the crypto exchange FTX as the crypto industry started demanding Proof-of-Reserves. The Proof of Reserve services from Chainlink offered transparency around the reserves to back new on-chain assets.

Overall, Chainlink was successful in expanding its Data Feeds across different blockchains and other Layer 2s, which includes offering support to a non-EVM chain Solana. With its continuous efforts to make Web3 more secure and accessible for everyone, Chainlink has achieved several major milestones from value enabled to LINK staked.

Calvaria Secures KuCoin Deal, Last Chance to Buy Presale Tokens!

• Calvaria is a new play-to-earn NFT battle card game with its own native cryptocurrency token.
• Calvaria has secured listings on exchanges like BKEX and raised over $2.6m.
• Calvaria has now announced a deal with KuCoin wallet, enabling investors to connect their wallets to the project’s presale platform.

Calvaria, the play-to-earn NFT battle card game, has made great strides in the past few months. It has secured listings on exchanges like BKEX, raised over $2.6m in its presale, and now announced a deal with KuCoin wallet.

Calvaria’s native cryptocurrency token, $RIA, will be supported by KuWallet upon launch, and KuWallet users can already use it to participate in the ongoing presale. This partnership with KuCoin is an important step for Calvaria, as it could potentially lead to the project’s tokens being listed on the KuCoin exchange after the presale ends.

However, investors only have a short time left to buy the remaining tokens, as the presale is drawing to a close. Currently, only 15% of the presale tokens remain, and Calvaria needs to raise just over $430,000 to finish the early-round fundraiser. Having $RIA tokens listed on KuCoin will increase the exposure of the project, as KuCoin is the fourth-largest exchange by 24-hour trading volume.

Even if Calvaria doesn’t secure a KuCoin listing, the project will still have an initial exchange offering (IEO) with BKEX exchange. BKEX is the 19th biggest centralized exchange by 24-hour trading volume, and it will provide investors with an opportunity to buy $RIA tokens.

In conclusion, Calvaria has seen great success in its presale, and the new deal with KuCoin wallet will further bolster the project’s exposure. Investors should act quickly if they want to buy the remaining tokens, as the presale is coming to an end soon. With the potential listing on KuCoin and the IEO on BKEX, Calvaria has the potential to become a major player in the cryptocurrency space.

Unlock New Expression: Empower Yourself in the Metaverse

• The metaverse is seen as the most important invention of the 21st century for its potential to usher in a new era of freedom of expression.
• Web2 platforms are gradually killing freedom of expression, leading to censorship, misinformation, and toxicity on the internet.
• The metaverse has the potential to empower individuals and users through the expression of creativity in terms of building, importing, and engaging with games.

The internet is one of the most powerful inventions of our generation, allowing users to access knowledge, information and resources in unprecedented ways. This has revolutionized the way we communicate, collaborate and connect with each other, and the potential of the internet is still yet to be fully realized. However, with the exponential growth of social media platforms and other ecosystems of user-generated content (UGC), freedom of expression is gradually being stifled by the centralized powers of Web2.

The metaverse is seen as one of the most important inventions of the 21st century, offering a platform where users can engage in a new form of expression not limited by the real-world restrictions implemented by centralized bodies. The metaverse is an immense ecosystem designed to facilitate the creation of interconnected virtual worlds which will allow users to explore, create and express themselves in a gamified and immersive environment. This offers an exciting new opportunity for individuals to exercise their freedom of expression, without the fear of censorship and misinformation.

The metaverse could be the perfect platform for brands and businesses to expand their engagement and reach, but more importantly, it could empower users and individuals through the expression of creativity. With the metaverse, users will be able to build, import and engage with games, applications and content as they wish, without being limited by the real world. This could open up a range of possibilities, from virtual art galleries to interactive performances, offering a platform to showcase the full extent of creativity and imagination.

The metaverse is an exciting prospect which could revolutionize the way we express ourselves. With the right infrastructure, it could be the perfect platform to safeguard freedom of expression and create a more open and transparent internet, allowing users to explore and engage with content in meaningful ways. As the technology continues to evolve, the metaverse could be the key to unlocking a new era of freedom of expression and creativity.

Un avis d’utilisateur sur Bitcoin Up

Pour un trader en crypto-monnaies, il est important de savoir dans quelle direction une devise va évoluer. Cela dépend de nombreuses données de marché. Ces informations sont certes toutes librement accessibles sur Internet, mais personne n’a le temps ni l’envie de rester assis devant son ordinateur toute la journée pour observer l’évolution des chiffres. Et s’il existait un logiciel capable de faire ce travail à la place de l’investisseur ? Ce qui semble à première vue être un rêve irréalisable est depuis longtemps déjà une réalité. Une telle application est Bitcoin Up. Dans cet article, l’investisseur intéressé découvre le fonctionnement de ce logiciel. Lien vers l’article

Dans cette revue, l’investisseur découvre les avantages du logiciel. Le fournisseur est encore nouveau sur le marché. Néanmoins, il a déjà acquis une bonne réputation. Même les débutants peuvent en tirer de bons bénéfices.


Qu’est-ce qu’Bitcoin Up exactement ?

Bitcoin Up analyse le marché des monnaies numériques et identifie les tendances à la vitesse de l’éclair. Grâce aux données d’Internet, à l’indice financier, aux chiffres de l’étranger et aux actualités, Bitcoin Up est en mesure de faire des prévisions sur l’évolution future.

Le robot collecte et traite les données, les courtiers en tirent leurs conclusions. Ce n’est que lorsque les chiffres semblent crédibles au courtier et qu’ils les confirment qu’Bitcoin Up effectue la transaction. Ce processus ne dure qu’une fraction de seconde. Le logiciel exploite ainsi les opportunités sur tous les marchés.

Caractéristiques et fonctionnement

Chiffres clés

Qui sont les développeurs d’Bitcoin Up ?

La plateforme a probablement été créée par John Meyer, qui a une grande expérience du trading financier en général et du trading de crypto-monnaies en particulier. Le programmeur et un vaste réseau de courtiers bien réglementés et sérieux sont associés au logiciel. Ceux-ci analysent les données du programme. Leur objectif est de donner à l’utilisateur un avantage sur les autres investisseurs.

3 étapes

Un avis d’utilisateur sur Bitcoin Up

Je suis en principe sceptique vis-à-vis de ce type de programmes. Néanmoins, j’ai essayé Bitcoin Up et je dois dire que ce logiciel m’a totalement convaincu. Pour moi, ce logiciel a considérablement simplifié le trading de crypto-monnaies. J’ai déjà gagné de l’argent avec. Cependant, je ne comprends pas vraiment comment cela fonctionne. Mais pour moi, c’est aussi secondaire. Je n’investis que quelques minutes par jour, mais j’ai quand même réussi à augmenter mes revenus de manière significative.

Avantages et inconvénients d’Bitcoin Up


– Les nombreuses fonctions d’Bitcoin Up sont faciles et rapides à adapter.
– Les signaux de trading sont très précis, ce qui augmente la probabilité d’obtenir des prévisions exactes.
– Bitcoin Up fait appel à un grand nombre de médias en ligne et utilise des ressources financières.
– Les résultats ne sont pas simplement acceptés sans critique, mais vérifiés par une équipe de courtiers. Cela augmente la qualité des chiffres et la probabilité de succès pour l’investisseur.

Inconvénient :
– Le seul inconvénient est que l’équipe de courtiers n’est pas connue de l’investisseur. Toutefois, le programme fonctionne très bien, ce point n’a donc probablement pas d’influence sur la performance du logiciel.

Conclusion sur le logiciel de trading Bitcoin Up

Nous avons examiné le logiciel de très près et sommes parvenus à la conclusion qu’il s’agit d’une application bien développée et très avancée. La mission d’Bitcoin Up est d’aider les traders expérimentés et moins expérimentés à réussir dans le trading de devises numériques. Les traders qui s’intéressent à cette opportunité d’investissement intéressante devraient absolument essayer Bitcoin Up.

Bitcoin Up en comparaison avec d’autres plateformes

Les bots de trading pour les crypto-monnaies sont nombreux sur le marché et le choix n’est souvent pas facile. Ceux qui optent pour Bitcoin Up ne peuvent pas se tromper. Nous avons constaté que le logiciel s’en sort même souvent mieux que ses concurrents.