Adidas Launches NFT Collection Worth Billions in Global Market

14. April 2023 Aus Von admin

• Adidas releases Chapter 1 of its NFT collections into the market.
• Those who receive the New NFTs would only pay the gas fee.
• Holders of the NFTs from the first phase of Into The Metaverse will receive new NFTs from Ethereum-based ALTS by Adidas collection after burning their NFTs.

Adidas Launches Chapter 1 of Its NFT Collection

Adidas has launched Chapter 1 of its Nft collection, enabling holders to burn their existing nfts in exchange for a new ERC-1155 token. This token will grant exclusive access to “collaborative merchandise and virtual land experiences throughout 2022” as well as other utility features such as a stake in ALTS by the Adidas ecosystem and commercial intellectual property (IP) rights to their character. Those who receive new nfts will only be required to pay a gas fee.

Into The Metaverse Collection

Adidas‘ first Into The Metaverse collection was released in December 2021 and was comprised of 30,000 digital collectibles on the Ethereum blockchain across three phases. As part of Phase One, several community projects were launched and a kit for Crawley Town FC was officially supplied by WAGMI United. In Phase Two, holders are able to claim exclusive physical merchandise using 3D nft as a ticket with rewards including gm gm Beanie (gmoney’s signature orange beanie), the Hash Hoodie, and Firebird Tracksuit—all available at 0.375 ETH ($453). Lastly, Phase Three provided an mysterious airdrop that hinted towards Virtual Gear wearables which can now be purchased on secondary markets with each item being sold at floor price o

The ALTS By adidas Collection

The newly launched ALTS by Adidas collection is said to involve eight different “ALT[er]egos” corresponding to “different rarity traits and interactive storylines.“ This project also aims to expand into Into The Metaverse ecosystem through collaboration with various influencers such as gmoney, PUNKS Comic, Bored Ape Yacht Club and more.. Holders will not only enjoy access to exclusive virtual wearables but also entry into holder-only community gatherings and token-gated Discord channels among other utilities.

Benefits Of Burning Your Original Into The Metaverse NFT

Burning your original Into The Metaverse NFT will allow you to receive new tokens from Ethereum-based ALTS by Adidas collection while incurring no extra cost aside from paying for gas fees associated with transactions done on Ethereum network. You’ll have access multiple benefits including exclusive virtual wearables, entry into holder-only community gatherings and token-gated Discord channels etc., all while having stake in ALTS by Adidas ecosystem!


Adidas‘ foray into blockchain technology is pioneering way for many businesses to explore crypto currencies further . With its chapter 1 launch of its Into The Metaverse collection , it has enabled users around world an opportunity experience cryptocurrency such as Etherium without prerequisites knowledge or financial investments , while providing them exclusive access utilities they wouldn’t have otherwise been entitled too !