DigiToads Charts Path to Top 10 Crypto in 2023, Monero (XMR) Loses Ground

8. August 2023 Aus Von admin

• Monero (XMR) has experienced a dip in recent weeks, with prices falling around $160.
• DigiToads is concluding a successful presale, which has raised over $6.7 million and is set to launch on 21st August 2023.
• DigiToads could provide an alternative for Monero investors, offering potential returns of up to 100X upon launch.

Monero Loses Ground

Monero (XMR) is one of the most unique cryptocurrencies in the market and its singular rallying point of privacy has presented challenges to growth. In recent weeks, Monero has experienced a dip with prices falling around $160 due to regulatory challenges in some parts of the world and overall market conditions.

DigiToads Charts Path To Top 10

DigiToads is a unique alternative project seeking to provide more options to users upon launch. It is currently concluding a successful presale, which has raised over $6.7 million and will end on 15th August 2023 before its official launch on 21st August 2023. This token has a possible upside exceeding 100X after launch and investors have already realized 400% return on investment by stage ten of the presale – increasing to 450% at the launch price of $0.055.

Unique Architecture

DigiToads provides an exciting alternative for Monero investors due to its unique architecture that gives it an appealing edge; the platform is a play-to-earn protocol that allows users to earn rewards by playing games while also helping developers monetize their games through microtransactions enabled by DigiToad tokens (TOADS). As such, this project offers more than just financial gains for investors as it also encourages gaming innovation through rewards for game creators and players alike.

Investor Benefits

The token prices will not be in the hands of the management team upon launch, making DigiToads an appealing option for crypto enthusiasts looking for solid returns without being at risk from centralised control or manipulation from a third party organisation like other projects out there today.


In conclusion, DigiToads looks set to be one of 2021’s most promising projects with its innovative approach providing exciting opportunities both financially and technologically as we look towards further crypto innovation in the coming years ahead!