Metacade Announces Partnership with Metastudio Ahead of Uniswap Listing

6. April 2023 Aus Von admin

• Metacade, a highly anticipated GameFi project, announced the successful completion of its final stage presale, raising $16.4M.
• The MCADE token is set to list on Uniswap on April 6th at 7PM GMT and staking will open with 40% AAR.
• Metacade has also announced a partnership with Metastudio, an innovative gaming company focused on mobile games.

Metacade’s Successful Presale

Metacade, one of the most talked about GameFi projects in 2023, has sold out in its final stage presale, raising an impressive $16.4M. The MCADE token is now set to list on Uniswap on the 6th of April at 7PM GMT for a price of $0.022, a 10% rise from the presale price. In addition to this listing, Metacade staking will also open on the same day citing a 40% AAR.

Metastudio Partnership

Alongside these developments, Metacade has also announced a partnership with Metastudio; a revolutionary new gaming company that is focused on delivering exciting avant-garde mobile games to the Metacade arcade. Founded by Carlos Domingues, Manny Fragelus and Ted David; this team have worked on many popular media projects such as Shrek and Pirates of the Caribbean among others.

MCADE Token Utilization

There are various ways for MCADE digital currency holders to engage with its ecosystem; including receiving rewards for indulging in their favorite activity i.e., gaming via the recently launched online platform or participating in promotions which will benefit both growth and adoption within the product’s ecosystem – providing long-term investment opportunities and store of value within it as well as potential appreciation in token value over time..

AMA Event Announced

To further discuss this exciting development an AMA between Metacade’s CEO Russell Bennett and Metastudio’s CEO Carlos Domingues will be hosted by Chainwire at 5pm BST (April 5th).


The success of this token sale shows immense confidence from investors who believe in the prospects of this project. With more partnerships underway alongside listings and staking options coming soon – there certainly seems to be plenty for MCADE holders to look forward too!