Shiba Memu Raises $798K in 9 Days: AI-Powered Memecoin Ready for Exchange Launch

14. Juli 2023 Aus Von admin

• Shiba Memu, a new dog-themed memecoin, has raised almost $800,000 in its presale.
• The token will increase in price every 24 hours until launch and its AI technology will generate marketing content for itself.
• It has earned approval from blockchain auditor CertiK and holders of the SHMU token can earn additional tokens by staking.

Shiba Memu Raises $798K in Nine Days

London, United Kingdom – July 14th 2023: Chainwire Shiba Memu, a new dog-themed memecoin, has reported strong demand for its presale, raising almost $800,000 in just nine days. A total of $798,000 worth of SHMU tokens have been purchased ahead of the memecoin’s official exchange launch.

AI Technology to Generate Its Own Marketing Content

The project is centred around combining AI with advanced memetics to create a token that can market itself. Throughout the eight week presale period, the price of the token increases every 24 hours until it launches on multiple exchanges. SHMU tokens are currently available to buy on the official website . Shiba Memu aims to become the top dog by using AI to generate its own marketing content that does the work of multiple agencies in real time.

Price Increase Schedule

Launched at $0.011125 on day one of the presale, the coin will increase in value by $0.000225 every day until launch. From day one to nine there was an increase of 16%. By day 21 there will be a 41% increase and at the end of day 60 (end of presale) it will cost 119% more than at launch price.

Approval from CertiK

Shiba Memu has earned approval from CertiK, a top-tier blockchain auditor which gives investors assurance that project’s code and specifications have been reviewed and team passed KYC process reinforcing project legitimacy . SHMU token holders can also stake their coins to earn additional SHMU tokens .


Shiba Memu’s roadmap is centered around harnessing AI technology to disrupt traditional markets through automatic content marketing efforts which reduce delays and eliminate time consuming tasks while learning and improving content constantly; making it low maintenance like a real life dog!